Friday, April 1, 2011

A plastic world

Borse, scarpe, orologi e ogni tipo di altro accessorio colorato o trasparente rigorosamente in…. plastica! Non so come mai, ma ultimamente questa tendenza mi sta convincendo molto.. e così vi mostro l’ultimo acquisto plasticoso: queste scarpe color rosso fuoco di Melissa che profumano addirittura di fragola :D Voi cosa ne pensate in merito?

Bags, shoes, watches and all sorts of other accessories colored or transparent strictly made of.... plastic! I do not know why, but lately I love a lot this trend.. and so I show you my latest plastic purchase: these fire red shoes from Melissa which smell like strawberry :D What do you think about this trend?


  1. love the Prada bag and Swatch!

  2. I love all of theme!
    Expecially the Chanel bag and the transparent all star!

  3. love fashion!

    i started to follow u baby
    it will be great, if u will answer me in following and do it too <33

  4. this is one of the trend I will never uderstand.. a watch or a pair of shoes may be cool, but a bag? well.. it's my opnion
    xx :)

  5. Che bello questo blog! anche io ho appena aperto un blog di street style! Se vuoi puoi divenare mia follower!

  6. Thanks for all your comments dears :D

    Lee, I agree with's a strange trend, but somehow I like it :)

    Have a beautiful monday!

  7. Richard Hollis, a birder from Iowa, sent the above photo of pigeons ignoring a plastic owl. And on the Fourth of July, I took this photo of Ring-billed Gulls ignoring this plastic owl in Duluth.
    ........wholesale corrugated plastic rolls from China,